Locals organize search party for missing Anaconda woman


ANACONDA, Mont. - Volunteers gathered Tuesday morning to search for 41-year-old Tammy Salle, of Anaconda, who has been missing for over a week.

Salle was last seen the weekend before Christmas with her boyfriend, John Goldberg. 

Investigators tell us they're using coordinates taken from her boyfriend's phone to search two areas 30 minutes west of Anaconda, the Copper Creek Campground and Moose Lake.

According to Salle's family these locations were two of Tammy and John's favorite spots.

A group of about 18 people searched with the help of hunting dogs and snowmobiles provided by local residents in Anaconda.

Salle's mother told NBC Montana it's more of a search and recovery than it is a search and rescue.

"At this point it's a recovery.  We have reason to believe she is no longer with us.  There was too much blood evidence and other evidence to show that she is no longer alive," said Elizabeth Mingatter, mother of Tammy Salle.

"What we're doing is trying to recover a body and were hoping that because John left us nothing we can find her body out here in the places they both liked to be," added Mingatter.

Investigators are still waiting on the results to return from the state crime lab in Missoula to see what direction they should take next.

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