Local runners react to Boston developments


Local runners react to Boston developments (4/19/13)

MISSOULA, Mont. - When NBC Montana put together this story, the latest development was that one bombing suspect was killed, and another on the loose. Since then, the other suspect has reportedly been taken into custody:

At the pace she was running, Pam Esteill would have been caught in the chaos of the two explosions at the marathon.

"I had been there for a few minutes when the explosions happened," said Esteill.

She remembers exactly where she was: an emergency room. She had suffered an asthma attack and couldn't finish the race.

"I had been there for a few minutes when the explosions happened," said Esteill.

In the end, she made it back to Missoula safe and sound, but with the memories still fresh in her head, she didn't have it in her to watch the news again until Friday.

 "That's when the reports came on, that they found the two suspects, and that one of them had been shot and the other was still at large," said Esteill.

"My first reaction, it's just another tragedy, those guys, I don't know what their perspective is or where they're coming from, but they have family, they have friends. They were interviewing some of their classmates on TV, who were blown away that their friend…had been involved in this. So, it's another tragedy, a tragedy of a different sort."

Another Missoula runner trying to make sense of it all, is Vo von Sehlen.

"After the first boom, we looked around, like, what was that...Then the second one went off and where we were for about one to two seconds, everything was quiet, eerily quiet," said von Sehlen.

He says he's been keeping a close eye on the coverage.

"Because I was there, and I witnessed it, it became kind of personal. I wanted to see what happened and why this happened, because in our mind, it was so senseless and really random…It was like, why the marathon, why these kids and families, and what did we do?" said von Sehlen.

But for both of these Missoula athletes, running is a lifestyle. Vo's got plans to go finish another Boston Marathon some day, and Pam  has plans to qualify again, and make her way to the Boston finish line for the first time.

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