Local business helps manage 350 employees for McCartney concert


Local business helps manage 350 employees for McCartney concert

MISSOULA, Mont. - It's taken months of planning, weeks of final preparation and, of course, getting enough people to work the Paul McCartney concert.

Up to 350 employees and staff are working and it can be tough to keep track of them all. But one Missoula-based company that's been around for 5 years has made life a little easier for the university.

"Basically we create an online time clock and staff scheduling software that helps businesses to control their labor costs and expenses, as well as communicate important information to their staff," said Orbital Shift CEO Kevin O'Reilly.

Orbital Shift is an online application that helps with the process of staff scheduling and time clocks. He showed NBC Montana how to log in as if we were managing employees and had to keep track where they are supposed to be. You can access your schedule or time clock just about anywhere.

"Anywhere you have internet access, whether you're at home on a computer or on a laptop or tablet or smartphone. It makes it really easy to see when you work this week and if there's any notes posted or information just about shifts work or pickup," said O'Reilly.

They've teamed up with the university before, working with the athletics department for 3 years. They haven't worked on an event like this but they're prepared.

"Getting everybody in the system and getting everybody trained and ready to use it, knowing when and where to look for the alerts," said Orbital Shift's Taylor Adams.

It's been convenient for the university to use the system.

"We've been able to generate reports on a real-time basis, give them real-time updates as far as we are on our labor numbers or are they matching budgets or anything like that," said Special Events Manager Tia Fluri.

Orbital Shift tells NBC Montana they look forward to working with the university for another event.

They are already serving 37 states and hope to reach all 50.

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