Lobbyist pushes to expand Native American voting rights in Montana

MISSOULA, Mont. - Election season is just around the corner, and a Washington, D.C., lobbyist wants to expand Native American voting rights in the Great Plains states.

Tom Rodgers is a member of the Blackfeet tribe.  He grew up in Browning.  He's also the lobbyist who blew the whistle on corrupt super lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

But Tuesday, Rodgers was a monument builder.  With the help of fellow tribal members Darrell Norman and Elton Guardipee, Rodgers spent the day setting up a tipi in his back yard, five minutes from Capitol Hill.

He hopes the tipi will focus political attention on a federal lawsuit to force improved access to late voter registration and early voting on three Montana reservations.

Rodgers insists he isn't telling natives whom to vote for. He just wants them to vote.

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