Liquid Planet reopens in Missoula County Courthouse


MISSOULA, Mont. - In what is considered a milestone for county workers looking for an easy way to grab a quick cup of coffee, the Liquid Planet café in the Missoula County Courthouse has reopened for business. The café is currently in its "soft opening" phase.

The café had been closed for about a year during the courthouse's first floor renovation project, and Liquid Planet had operated the café for roughly two and a half years prior to that.

"It is a milestone. I think folks, especially employees here, are really excited to have this opportunity to get coffee and have it be quick," said Missoula County Communications and Project Manager Anne Hughes.  

The café has a new location just down the hall from its old one, in a more streamlined, out-of-the-way set-up.

The entire renovation project at the courthouse is slated to wrap up in 2016.

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