Liquid Planet expands coffee services in a green way


MISSOULA, Mont. - A local coffee and bottle shop has announced plans to expand in Missoula.

The big news comes on the perfect holiday; Sunday is National Coffee Day, for folks who may not have known.

Liquid Planet will be opening another location on West Broadway in front of the Missoula Airport and the new shop will be made from two, 40-foot long shipping containers and other locally recycled and sustainable products.

Chad Morgan, the Owner of Liquid Planet Montana, tells us the goal is to expand the business and be kind to the environment.

"We've always wanted to build as green as we can so this year with this new addition we decided to build with shipping containers," he says smiling. "It's an entirely green build and we're using a local company called Mont'ainer, which ships the containers into Missoula, with the goal of using as many green materials as we can from Missoula."

Morgan says the idea is to build Liquid Planet beverage drive-thru shops that can be duplicated, designed and built in Missoula with the ability to be sold an shipped to anywhere in the U.S.

"We want to be using as much green material as we can in Missoula and with a national expansion we can build those here using many materials," he says.  "We can provide jobs in Missoula and then grow the company as we see fit."

Morgan says the building design is practical because anything can be built from a shipping container.

"This is really our first container project in Missoula and as far as I know it's the first one in Montana of any restaurant or coffee shop that has built something like this," Morgan added.  "It really is significant for us because it's the first build that we hope to grow into a national franchise concept."

He tells us they break ground on the West Broadway location Monday; Morgan tells us the two shipping containers will be set up later this week with the goal of fully opening the new location by November.

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