Lieutenant governor focusing on education


MISSOULA, Mont. - Angela McLean comes to the lieutenant governor position from teaching school in Anaconda and chairing the Montana Board of Regents.  

She believes she is the right person to promote Steve Bullock's priority of improving Montana's education system for everyone.

Today, I asked McLean about Montana's economy, taxes and environment.

She believes teaching high school government students about Montana has thoroughly prepared her for this role, as she continues to educate herself on this governor's specific stances.  "While there may be certain position statements that I will continue to familiarize myself with, the governor's standpoint on particular issues, I think I am as well versed on any of those issues you mentioned as anybody across Montana.  I will tell you, I will strengthen my understanding in every single one of them, from the environment to developing our natural resources to research through the Montana University System," McLean said.

Mclean believes creating a world class education system is the best way to improve Montana's economy.  

She also tells NBC Montana that her input as a Montanan will help develop Steve Bullock's overall agenda.

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