Library appraisal fund-raiser turns out treasures


MISSOULA, Mont. - Sunday afternoon at the Missoula Public Library people brought their rummage to appraisers to find out if it's really treasure.

It's all part of a library fund-raiser and the folks who attended say it fun to learn how much your belongings are really worth.

Residents brought in old books, instruments, aging war medals and more.

UM student Georgia Jankunas found out her late 19th century celestial globe is worth anywhere from $10,000 to $40,000; her original purchase price was $25. 

"I really hope that I can take my time and get the money and I'm really hoping I can pay off my student loans with this because that would be like the best thing ever," says Jankunas. 

In the past this library fund-raiser has brought in anywhere from $800 - $1200; coordinators tell me this year they raised $300.

To find out when you can catch the next appraisal fund-raiser organizers tell us to keep your eye on the library's webpage for an announcement.

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