Legislative committees get Bullock budget rundown


HELENA, Mont. - The Legislative Fiscal Division gave an overview of Governor Bullock's budget proposal at a meeting Wednesday.

NBC Montana told you last Friday when Bullock unveiled his plan. Wednesday, House Appropriations and Senate Finance and Claims committees got a rundown of what that budget entails.

Bullock's budget builds off of former Governor Brian Schweitzer's. About 80 percent of it is based on present law.

Bullock's additional proposals include the $400 homeowner tax rebate as well as educational funding.

"In order to have the jobs that we want, we need to have the work force that we need," said Budget Director Dan Villa. "For the first time Governor Bullock is proposing to invest in early childhood education."

Other top budget goals for the administration include job creation, eliminating equipment taxes for small businesses and fixing public employee pensions.

You can read Bullock's full budget outline here.

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