Law enforcement agencies comment on newlywed murder case


MISSOULA, Mont. - After the conclusion of Thursday's sentencing hearing for convicted killer Jordan Graham, the Department of Justice held a joint news conference with the other law enforcement agencies involved in case.

U.S. District Attorney Michael Cotter said at least four different agencies assisted in the investigation, including the FBI, the National Park Service, and the Kalispell Police Department.

At the conference, Kalispell Police Captain Scott Warnell described how the case evolved from a missing person investigation to a murder case, after the body of Graham's husband, Cody Johnson, was located at the bottom of a cliff in Glacier National Park.

Cotter was asked to describe Graham's demeanor during the investigation.

"She's cold, and she's calculating, and absolutely unremorseful," said Cotter. "The evidence is that she lured Cody to the Loop drive, 300 feet above the creek, and pushed him."

Cotter declined to comment on some of the evidence left out of the trial.

"The trial is over, but the case has not been resolved. I anticipate there will be an appeal. The court made a ruling on those items of evidence, and we're not going to comment."

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