Late shoppers can still find costumes at unique Missoula shop


Late shoppers can still find costumes at unique Missoula shop

MISSOULA, Mont. - Looking for a Halloween costume? There's still time.

A unique costume shop in Missoula still has plenty of inventory, though you won't find much for witches hats or Frankenstein.

"Not flimsy things and not cheap things," said Max Gilliam, the owner of Carlo's One Night Stand. "There's no screws in the heads here."

It started out as just a hobby.

"Over time I would collect vintage clothing," Gilliam said. "And I would keep it."

But quickly turned into a collection of nearly 12,000 pieces.

"Around 1995 I had enough to call myself a costume store," he said.

So for the last 34 years or so Gilliam's been running Carlo's One Night Stand, renting and selling pieces, but more importantly putting together the perfect costumes.  

"You're just going to look great when you leave and you're not going to look like other people."

The possibilities seem endless.

"We have character costumes, medieval costumes, top hats and canes, 70 styles of wigs, 60 types of tights."

The store rents and sells close to 1,200 items every Halloween; from accessories like hats and masks to something from almost every decade.

"Gangsters, flappers, '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s."

This time of year the costume business is booming. And for late shoppers there are still plenty of options.

"We never run out of costumes, with 12,000."

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