Landslide mitigation could take 6 more weeks


Landslide mitigation could take 6 more weeks

MISSOULA, Mont. - It's been nearly four months since a rockslide hit a section of Interstate 90 near Lookout Pass, shutting down 2 lanes of traffic, and construction crews still have work to do before traffic can be restored.

The work was supposed to be finished in April, and then May, and then by the 4th of July, but Project Director Kris Woll says unexpected issues have prolonged the delay.

"A lot of it is permitting, and design," said Woll. "We have to get biologists involved for bird's wildlife."

Now that all of the permitting and assessments are finished, Woll says the plan is to flatten out the slope to stop future slides using a line machine.

It drags a massive bucket down the slope, bringing a large portion of the earth down with it.

"Another one of the things that's tough about this project is that we don't have any room with the live traffic right here," said Woll.

Department of Transportation officials say the new estimate for completion is 6 weeks.

The estimated cost of the work is $900,000.

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