Kickstarter campaign raises money for "MT Beer Passport"


Kickstarter campaign raises money for "MT Beer Passport"

MISSOULA, Mont. - With 43 breweries now in business, Montana has the second most breweries in the nation per. Freelance writer and beer blogger Ryan Newhouse has a new Kickstarter campaign he says will give people a way to keep track of which ones they visit.

It's called a brewery passport. Every Montana brewery will have a dedicated page inside the passport.that's stampable, and each brewery will be provided with its own stamp.

"It's based on any number of passports," says Newhouse. "Other states have their own brewery passports. It's going to give you something to do while you're at each of the breweries."

Newhouse says the beer industry has become a major economic force in Montana, and the passport is another way to get locals and tourists excited about it.

"It shows you where you've been, it's something you can show your friends, and it adds to the memory of that place," said Newhouse.

With 7 days left on, the campaign's already met 60 percent of the funding goal, and Newhouse says he's feeling the support.

"I've gotten responses from nearly all the breweries in the state. The Montana Brewery Association has been behind the project as well. I don't think there's any limit to where the beer industry in Montana can take us."

For more information about the Montana Brewery Passport, click here.

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