Kalispell woman formally charged with pushing husband off cliff


Kalispell woman formally charged with pushing husband off cliff 10-03-2013

MISSOULA, Mont. - The Kalispell woman accused of pushing her husband off of a cliff in Glacier National Park has been formally charged in federal court.

Jordan Linn Graham is charged with two counts of murder and one count of making a false statement to investigators for killing her husband Cody Lee Johnson.

Prosecuting attorneys say Graham admitted shoving Johnson off a Glacier National Park cliff on July 7th during an argument.  Defense attorney's say the death was an accident.

In court documents, the First Degree murder charge alleges premeditation was involved, while the Second Degree murder charge states Graham knowingly killed her husband of only eight days.

The charge of making a false statement stems from Graham falsely representing to national park investigators that Cody Johnson's "car buddies from Washington probably came and got him. He always takes his out of state friends here." Prosecutors say Graham knew she was with Cody Johnson when he last went to Glacier National Park on July 7.

We spoke with Tracey Maness, a family friend of Johnson and his mother, Sherry, about the charges.

"Everyone is thrilled the grand jury did the right thing and Jordan will face trial for her crime," said Maness. "We all wish we could get Cody back, but seeing Jordan punished is the next best thing."

Another friend of Johnson's, Eddie Colon, says his heart goes out to Sherry but he also feels for Graham's parents who are facing this case as well. Robert Zunick, a former parishioner of the church Graham and Johnson attended just hopes this latest development brings Johnson's family closer to closure.

"I don't want to have ill on anybody. But I think I speak for many people when they say they want justice for Cody," said Zunick.

Graham is set to be arraigned in federal court in Missoula at 1 p.m. Friday.

Click here to read the court documents.

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