Judge McLean rules in favor of Dunrovin Ranch


MISSOULA, Mont. - Lolo's Dunrovin Guest Ranch will remain open for business, after a district court judge ruled against Missoula County.

The county wanted to put Dunrovin out of business, claiming the business was too small to qualify as a small guest ranch, exempt from licensing and regulation.

But District Judge Ed McLean claims that the county has over regulated and over managed the small business.  In fact, McLean writes that Missoula County has "harassed the business since 2010", in direct opposition to public policy.  In his decision, McLean writes that the county used narrow definitions of accommodations that "made no sense whatsoever."

McLean ruled that Dunrovin is an exempt small guest ranch and ordered the county to pay legal fees to ranch owners.

To read the full order from Judge McLean, click here.

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