Judge denies bail reduction for Missoula standoff suspect


MISSOULA, Mont. - Missoula Standing Master Brenda C. Desmond denied a request to reduce bail for a man accused of a standoff with police.

Jason Eric Kirchner was taken into custody after a 20-hour standoff with police last month. Prosecutors say he fired shots at police from his trailer home, damaging other homes nearby.

In Missoula County District Court Thursday, Kirchner's attorney Craig Shannon asked Desmond to release Kirchner on his own recognizance with strict conditions. Shannon said the allegations are not normal for Kirchner.

Desmond told Kirchner he could be screened for the pre-trial supervision program which would allow Kirchner to be out in the community but under strict supervision. But she denied his request to be released for now and scheduled another hearing for two weeks. 

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