Jewish Missoulians gather for Rosh Hashanah


MISSOULA, Mont. - On Wednesday, NBC Montana visited the congregation Har Shalom in Missoula to get an inside look at preparations for Rosh Hashanah. The holiday is the Jewish New Year, celebrated in 2013 from sundown on September 4 to the evening of September 6.

The English translation for the holiday's name is "head of the year."

"We're celebrating the birthday of the world," said Laurie Franklin, a spiritual leader and rabbinical intern. Franklin estimated that upwards of 90 people were expected for Wednesday night's services.

10 days after the holiday is another holiday known as Yom Kippur, which is the "day of atonement." The High Holy Days period marks an opportunity for Jewish people to reflect on possible wrongdoings, and plan for improvements in their lives.

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