Jewell, Tester host roundtable discussion at Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation


MISSOULA, Mont. - Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell and Senator Jon Tester visited the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation in Missoula on Saturday to host a roundtable discussion with sportsmen and other outdoor enthusiasts.

The discussion included topics like rights to public and private land, and the importance of encouraging young people to understand and interact with nature.

"[I'm] getting some input from sportsmen about the president's budget and what's important to them as far as habitat for fishing and hunting and hiking, and then access to that habitat, and really the role that public lands play in our economy and what we can do to make it a better experience ," said Tester.

Jewel also spoke about the Land and Water Conservation fund, of which she says more than 400 million dollars of offshore oil and gas revenues have been spent on conservation efforts in Montana.

"I'm here with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation hearing about what's important to them, about the conservation of public lands, our management of the public lands for the long term health of wildlife as well as the people that live here and the people that come and recreate here," said Jewell.

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