Investigators confiscated marijuana, records from Ravalli Co. doctor


Investigators confiscated marijuana, records from Ravalli Co. doctor

HAMILTON, Mont. - New search warrant returns reveal what investigators are looking for, as a case against a Ravalli County doctor is pieced together.

Dr. Chris Christensen is accused of over-prescribing pain medications. His practice, Big Creek Family Medicine and Urgent Care, shut its doors last month after a multi-agency raid of the business and an emergency medical board hearing to suspend his license. The state Medical Board cited two patient overdose deaths and Christensen's prescription writing practices.

Now, search warrant returns detail a long list of items -- 166 things were seized just from the office, including medical records, prescription bottles and a bag of loose pills.

According to the report from the board, Christensen acquired existing patient prescriptions and distributed them to other patients. The investigator said Christensen would remove portions of the prescription labels, taking the patient names off the bottles, but leaving the names of the medications so he could re-dispense the pills.

The new warrant returns also show what items detectives took from Christensen's home. The returns list multiple bottles of pills prescribed to other people found in his spare bathroom. And in his master bathroom, vials of Stadol, a medicine that's injected to relieve pain sometimes used before surgery or before giving birth.

A separate return that lists multiple containers of marijuana and paraphernalia.

Investigators are still waiting for other returns to come back in the case. No criminal charges have been filed against Christensen.

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