Instructor prepares local runners for Missoula Marathon


Instructor prepares local runners for Missoula Marathon (7-10-13)

MISSOULA, Mont. - It's less than a week until the Missoula Marathon, and local runners in Run Wild Missoula's Tuesday track class have been wishing each other luck as they prepare for the event.

"I think it's really fun to help people reach their goals and see what they're able to accomplish," said instructor Courtney Babcock.

Babcock has been instrumental to the class. The students look to her as they prepare for the Missoula tradition, now in its seventh year. She's talked to the students about pacing, hydration and mental preparation.

"[They're] kind of  pushing themselves, probably, a little more than they would on their own. It's a lot easier when you have people around you to go a little harder," said Babcock.

It's no surprise that Babcock is the one for the job. She's been running since she was a kid, and she ran track in college and ran 10 years on Canada's national running team. Now she brings her expertise to the Missoula running community every Tuesday, teaching through the recent heat wave.

"We have the hose out, we have the water out. [We're] just reiterating the same thing for the marathon, to make sure you get lots of water, even if it's just on your neck," said Babcock.

Babcock says the Missoula Marathon has been creating a boom in the local running community, and that it's an event that represents what she says makes Missoula a great town.

"I think that it's everything that makes Missoula great, which is community and people coming out to support one another," said Babcock.

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