Inspirational students honored for dedication


MISSOULA, Mont. - Missoula students are inspiring the community with their achievements and commitment.

Tonight, Missoula County Public Schools gathered to honor the district's most inspiring students. At a special dinner and ceremony, each school honored two students in each grade for dedicating themselves to education and community against difficult odds.

This is the fifth year the district has honored its most inspirational students.

Hatton Littman of Missoula County Public Schools says, "There are some students who have overcome learning disabilities.  There are some students who have had issues with family transitions.  Some have medical issues in their lives; but in all cases, they have taken that obstacle and moved beyond it and they have been dedicated to their studies and they rededicated themselves to their peer group and their school and have really overcome incredible adversity."

There were 52 students who took home medallions tonight.

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