Idaho kidnapping suspect arrested in Bismarck, ND


BILLINGS, Mont. - Police in Bismarck have arrested an Idaho kidnapping suspect after the man allegedly pulled a gun on a truck driver and then fled to a nearby trailer park.
Bismarck Police Sgt. Mark Buschena says 57-year-old Mitchell Lee Walck was arrested shortly after noon Wednesday. Buschena says a truck driver reported that a man entered his vehicle at a Bismarck truck stop. The trucker told police the man pulled out a gun and then ran to a nearby trailer park.
Buschena says officers found Walck hiding behind a tree. A gun was recovered at the scene.
Regional law enforcement officers had been searching for Walck after a 62-year-old Rathdrum, Idaho, woman reported she was kidnapped from her home at gunpoint and driven to Glendive, Mont., where she was released unharmed Sunday.

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