Hunters prepare for regular big game season


MISSOULA, Mont. - Thousands of Montanans will head out for the start of the regular big game season.

Hunters are making final preparations for their trips into the woods.

Axemen Firearms near Missoula is a stopping point for many.

Some hunters have been ready for weeks.

Many are taking the time to just browse.

Hunting is one of Montana's major industries.

By season's end one hunter we spoke to plans to spend anywhere from $500 to $600.

"Hunting is not cheap," said Jim Hodkinson."Part of my hunting is for the heritage that it's allotted me and the thrill of the hunt. And I enjoy the meat."

Hunters across the board are sometimes having to make due with a shortage of ammunition.

It's been tired to stockpiling after gun legislation proposals.

Axemen Firearms' Sarah Brucker said,"people are having to make some adjustments to what has been their standard hunting load. Some people are having to make a brand change or a change in grains."

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