Hundreds volunteer their time at the Missoula Marathon Sunday


Hundreds volunteer their time at the Missoula Marathon Sunday

MISSOULA, Mont. - Nearly 7,000 folks ran the Missoula Marathon this year and you can imagine how much work goes into making it all run smoothly.

Sunday afternoon NBC Montana met with race volunteers and the folks behind the scenes to find out what they're doing to help.

We talked to Missoula resident Jennifer Benton who tells us for the last 5 years she and her neighbors have come out to spray runners.

"It's a nice little tradition to help folks out, especially as it warms up it's a nice thing to cool down a bit," said Benton while spraying passerby's with a garden hose.  "It's amazing how participants in an event like this really appreciate folks being out here and just that little extra pick-me-up toward the end."  

Missoula resident Kelly Sedgwick-Read tells us she couldn't run the marathon this year because of an injury but she's still happy to come out and cheer for all the runners.

"When you get to the last couple of miles your head starts to spin and you really just need somebody to tell you to keep going," said Sedgwick-Read. "I wish I could do the half again but I don't see that in the future for me so now I'm just going to be on the sidelines cheering them on."

Race volunteer coordinators tell NBC Montana over 900 people came out Sunday to help make the marathon possible.

Missoula resident Margie Menendez volunteers every year but tells us it's her first year running as a pacer.

"Were basically like a moving clock so we just keep at a steady pace so that everybody will get in just on time if they stick with us," said Menendez.   

Mendendez says her favorite part of volunteering is getting to meet new folks and encouraging them to finish the race.

"I just love talking to them about our great city and the marathon and sharing in their excitement when they finish is really, really awesome," she said. 

"Friends go by, strangers go by and everybody is having a good time in Missoula and that's really awesome," said Benton.    

Race coordinators want to thank everyone who came out to help make the Missoula Marathon possible.

And when we were on the course Sunday we heard runners thanking volunteers for coming out as well.

For information on volunteering for next year's marathon click here.

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