Hundreds turn out to protest GMOs, Monsanto


MISSOULA, Mont. - Saturday afternoon in Missoula hundreds turned out to speak against genetically modified organisms or GMOs and the seed company Monsanto.

Missoula protestors tell NBC Montana their goal is to inform folks about the dangers of GMOs and to support a senate backed bill that would require foods made with GMOs to be labeled.

Genetically modified plants come from seeds designed to increase the nutritional value and crop yields but ralliers we talked to say that's not the case and they demand the U.S. Congress allow them to know, through labeling, if there are GMOs in their food.

"We have a right to say if there's GMOs in our food and a right to know if that GMO is in our food," said protestor Diane Keefauver.  "Right now they're saying we don't have that right!"

Benjamin Bliss ‘March on Monsanto' event co-organizer says he's hoping to bring awareness to the dangers of eating GMOs and to encourage folks to demand GMOs be labeled. 

"There's only been one human study done on them and it was not significant enough to prove or disprove that we should be required to eat them," said Bliss.  "If anything as free citizens we deserve to for one to know that they are safe and for two to know what foods they are in."

Bliss tells us the ‘March against Monsanto' is a world-wide protest that's taking place in over 55 countries and over 2,000 cities across the United States. 

In Montana protests were held in Billings, Bozeman, Kalispell, Helena and Missoula. 

This comes after a Thursday ruling by the U.S. Senate rejecting a bill that would allow states to require genetically modified foods to be clearly labeled.

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