Hundreds of shoppers line up for Black Friday deals


Hundreds of shopper's line up for Black Friday deals

MISSOULA, Mont. - It seems like Black Friday sales happen earlier every year.  Most stores typically open in the wee hours of Friday morning, but this year Black Friday crept into Thanksgiving evening.

NBC Montana chatted with a group of friends who set up shop outside of the Missoula Best Buy at 9 a.m. Thursday morning.  They told us they're in line for one thing in particular, electronics

13-year-old Max Mignot says this is the first year he's ever lined up for Black Friday deals.

"I was doing a bunch of jobs to save up and then when the time got near I just packed up my tent, sleeping bag and pads and came out," said Max. 

Max says his mom dropped him off with all the supplies he could need to weather the wait including a first aid kit, snacks and water.

"I also brought two chairs, two sleeping bags, two pads, a back pack, um let's see, four books, homework and a game system," said Max. 

He says so far the adventure is pretty fun and he's even getting some home cooked food while he waits.

"My mom's going to cook turkey and then just throw it out the window as she passes by here and I get to have it for dinner," said Max. 

Tim Pickett says he wanted to line up early so he could take advantage of the voucher's stores give to the first handful of folks in line.

"The first 13 people in line, I think they're going to be safe," said Pickett.  "So that includes me, my friend, Max and this weird guy over here and a couple dogs."

Tim says you can get vouchers for pretty much everything, but he only needs one.

"You can get a voucher for one TV, one 50" TV, a computer and whatever they have for the door busters but I don't need all that because I'm just going to get a TV.

And as exciting of a shopping trip this is for these customers, they say next year they'll most likely be doing their shopping on line instead.

If you didn't get out tonight and can't hit the sales tomorrow you can visit any local business for 'Small Business Saturday,' or visit online stores for 'Cyber Monday.'

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