Holidays leave recycle bins full to overflowing


Holidays leave recycle bins full to overflowing

MISSOULA, Mont. - Christmas left tons of empty boxes, cans and bottles. With New Years on the way, we can expect even more.

The holidays are filling recycle bins full to overflowing.

Pacific Recycling figures it is getting twice as much recycling material in as it normally does, and that's a lot.

"There's nonstop traffic here," said Pacific Recycling's Scott Bowman."We'll put extra bins out on the weekends and Monday, they're all overflowing."

Becky Christiaens and her family are routine recyclers at Pacific.

"We produced probably four times as much over the holiday break, about four times as much cardboard," said Christiaens.

Diana Wood came all the way from Victor. She took a stockpile of recyclable material to Missoula.

"I make it worth my while," said Wood.

Chris Cochran said he recycles as much as possible. Cochran looked at all the recyclable material people were bringing.

"Just this parking lot alone shows you what could be out there," said Cochran.

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