Historic Tex Farlin painting on loan to St. Mary's Mission Museum


STEVENSVILLE, Mont. - Through an historic painting at St. Mary's Mission, the public can see what Montana's oldest permanent settlement looked like when it was young.

American Legion Post 94 owns the Clyde "Tex" Farlin painting, depicting the new settlement, St. Mary's Mission, and Fort Owen Trading Post. The art piece is now on loan to St. Mary's Museum.

Fort Owen Post 94 presented the painting to museum officials.

It was painted in about 1915 by Farlin, who, in that time period, painted other historic work near Stevensville.

Post Commander William Jette said, "We decided it was a better home for more people to see it, where everybody that comes to the mission can see it."

"This is a painting that captures so much Montana history," said Mission Director Colleen Meyer, "also history of the Pacific Northwest."

St. Mary's Mission opens to the public for its annual season on April 15.

Stevensville's Founders' Day Celebration will honor Fort Owen and the man who established it, John Owen, in September.

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