Heroin use on the rise in Montana


MISSOULA, Mont. - NBC Montana has been following a court case where a woman is accused of overdosing and killing her husband with heroin.

Prosecutors charged Terry Baillargeon with negligent homicide after her husband died Friday night.

After reviewing the case NBC Montana started asking questions.  We talked with our source at the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area Task Force who confirmed that law enforcement is seeing an increase in heroin use in western Montana.

He told us that a crackdown on prescription drug abuse has pushed users to look elsewhere for their drug fix.  The officer said it's not uncommon for users to try and find the "next best thing" if they feel it's unsafe to continue with their current drug habits.

He told NBC Montana the current trend is comparable to when law enforcement saw an increase in cocaine use after a large statewide crackdown on meth.

NBC Montana plans to be in court Tuesday afternoon for Terry Baillargeon's trial. We will bring you the details as we learn more.

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