Hellgate softball feeling hungry and hopeful

Hellgate season preview video (4-2-14)

This weekend all of our local Western Conference class AA teams will get their softball seasons underway. One of those teams is Missoula Hellgate who says they are anxious to get some games under their belt.

"It's rough being out here three weeks with no games or anything and I think we're all just ready to go out and actually play some live competition," said senior player McKenna Gagner.

"We're getting really excited for this season and we have the Jamboree coming up this weekend and I don't know everything's just really coming together through the practices," added senior Frankie Needles.

This Saturday Hellgate will get its first opportunity to play some live competition at the Great Falls Jamboree.

"Always exciting you can only do so much and emulate the game so much in practice it really takes that game like experience to kind of put everything together and make the big strides," said second year head coach Lisa Macki.

"We're still going to need this week to get prepared for it so we're not quite ready yet but the Jamboree is always a good way to get ready for the season and see the live competition," said Needles.

The Knights failed to make it to state last season, but now, the team is focused and ready to put together a solid season.

"Last year we could have made it to state we just didn't play to our full ability I think this year we're more ready and want to go out and get stuff done," said Gagner.

"It's our senior year this year so our drive for getting to state this year is going to be through the roof and we're definitely ready to make it this year," explained Needles.

"You know last year as a team we had our really shining moments with that experience of the older girls and just the passion and the drive of the younger girls that I see coming in this year that we are going to be able to put it together and really prove ourselves," said coach Macki.

Hellgate will open up its season this Saturday in Great Falls...reporting in Missoula, Brad Peers, NBC Montana.

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