Health experts learn to paddle board, encourage as healthy sport


Health experts learn to paddle board, encourage as healthy sport

MISSOULA, Mont. - Sunday afternoon west of Missoula health specialists learned a new way to help folks get outside and take better control of their health.

It's called paddle boarding and dieticians tell NBC Montana it's a great way to get out, be active and be healthy.

Sunday health experts from a Missoula based organization called Take Control headed out to Beavertail Pond, roughly 28 miles west of Missoula, to learn first-hand how to paddle board and NBC Montana was there to check it out.   

"What an amazing experience and you can feel it in a lot of different muscle groups," said Laura DelGuerra dietician and the Owner of Take Control.

DelGuerra tells NBC Montana exercise is a key to fighting a number of health issues like high blood pressure.

"It helps your cholesterol, it lowers your blood sugar and it hits a lot of things at once," said DelGuerra.  "It doesn't take a long time you can go out 10 or 15 minutes and it makes a huge difference."

Sunday afternoon DelGuerra and her colleagues got a one-on-one lesson in paddle boarding - a new fitness fad in Montana.

"It's great to find a sport that you like and it feels like you're having fun and you're getting a great work out but you don't know it," she said. 

Vinny Nuzzo Owner of Liquid Therapy MT tells us he enjoys showing folks the benefits of paddle boarding.

"Within the first half hour they were standing, bucking the wind and going to the other side of the lake," said Nuzzo.  "They did an awesome job and then made a run back to the beach here."

Nuzzo tells NBC Montana paddle boarding is a great sport for people of all ages and body types.

"You don't have to go run rapids, you don't have to do it in the heavy wind you can get in where you fit in with it and it makes exercising fun," said Nuzzo.

"Almost anybody can probably get up on a paddleboard," said DelGuerra.  "Also there is the refreshing element of being able to jump in when you get hot."

She tells us her goal is to get her patients with chronic health issues out and moving in a fun and unique way.

"It's definitely something I cannot wait to go out and do again and figure out how we can make it a bigger part of what we do to help people stay healthy and get healthy," said DelGuerra.

Nuzzo tells us he plans to hold paddle boarding clinics throughout the summer.

If you are interested in learning more about paddle boarding or to link up with Vinny Nuzzo at Liquid Therapy MT click here.

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