Hang gliding club works to raise money for new landing spot


MISSOULA, Mont. - The future of the University of Montana's south campus is still in the air, but that's not stopping the UM Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club from looking at the future.

The possibility of expanding the Missoula College to the UM Golf Course could impact the current landing spot, regardless the club is raising money for a new site.

The site in Tarkio, just west of Missoula, is a premier possibility for hang gliding in Western Montana.

"A sympathetic and appreciative land owner, who gains great satisfaction from watching free flight, has generously provided us with the opportunity for the road which will allow limited access…in the Tarkio valley," said Paul Roys, a member of the UM Hang Gliding Club.

But the Tarkio spot is going to cost them. The club is looking to raise $25,000 to make it fully accessible. 

"We'll be able to fly in varying weather conditions out there. We'll also be provided with a much safer launch and landing out there which would be great to bring new pilots into the sport and help and help the sport continue into the future," Roys said.

There's a fundraiser Wednesday night at the Northside Kettleshouse from 5-8 p.m. 50 cents from every pint will benefit the club. They'll also be selling raffle tickets for hang gliding prizes. For more information or to make an additional contribution call (406) 207-3634.


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