Hamilton armory, park bond election Tuesday

HAMILTON, Mont. - Hamilton voters have one more day to drop their ballots by in an all mail-in bond election. Tuesday is Election Day.

At this late date, Ravalli County Elections Administrator Regina Plettenberg said anyone who hasn't mailed their ballots is urged to drop them by the elections office.

Voters are deciding whether to buy the National Guard Armory building and Claudia Driscoll Park adjacent to the armory.

The cost of the purchase is $1.35 million.

It would pay for the now vacant armory building, the 5.9-acre park, including Canyon Hideaway play area, and the seating area in front of the community band shell

Some of the money would be used for park improvements.

The city has proposed converting the armory into a city justice center to house police and eventually the city attorney and court.

The elections office mailed about 2,600 ballots to active voters. 

As of Monday afternoon, Pletttenberg said 1,082 ballots had come in, which is about a 42-percent return.

"Usually with a bond or levy we normally hit about  60 percent of our active pretty easily," she said. "I'm hoping we do this time, but I have been a little disappointed in the return for this one."

At the Ravalli County Administration Building Monday we saw several people dropping their ballots into the elections box.

All ballots are due in the elections office by 8p.m. Tuesday.  Results are expected soon after.

If the bond is approved the owner of a $200,000 house would pay $35.78 a year for the next 15 years.

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