Group collects thousands of paper hearts for Newtown


BILLINGS, Mont. - What started as a single paper heart and a message to Newtown has quickly turned into a worldwide project.

Two Billings parents were struggling to talk to their kids about the mass shooting, so they decided to make a paper heart with a message to Newtown, Connecticut.

The idea initially expanded from the Thompson family home to classrooms in the Billings area. Then after creating a title for the program and a facebook page, ‘Paper Hearts Across America' took off all over the country, and the world.

With so much support Gala Thompson and her husband set a goal to collect around 18 million paper hearts. That's what they estimate to be the number of hearts if would take to stretch from Billings to Newtown.

"We're just going to keep it going and see how many we can get. We just want Newtown to hear that we are all listening," said Gala Thompson. "We're all here for them, and we want to deliver the message to these people that they deserve…love and awareness and prevention."

Thompson said people from Seattle to New York City have sent paper hearts to Billings. Even students in Shanghai, China have participated.

So far they've stacked up more than 10,000 paper hearts, many of them have already been delivered to Newtown.

Paper hearts can be any size, and sent to Broadwater School, 415 Broadwater Avenue, Billings, MT 59101.

For more information on ‘Paper Hearts Across America' click here.

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