Grizzly receiver makes beats in off-season

Jonesin the beat

MISSOULA, Mont. - The season for the Montana Grizzly football team has been over for a few weeks now, but one Grizzly receiver is now mixing things up on his free time. 

Relaxation is key to a collegiate football player's off-season, especially after the physical and mental stress the season brings. For starting wide receiver Jamaal Jones there isn't a better stress reliever then music.

"The creation part about it for me, that whole process, a lot of people don't know the process about making music. It's like a puzzle, it starts out difficult but then once you really figure it out. You just have to get a sound, I really enjoy it."

His best hobby off the turf is listening to non-mainstream music, making his own beats on the computer, and playing the piano.

"I like that he is creative. He just does, he has is own sound like when I listen to his sound cloud you can tell it's him. Especially when you know him, like hearing his music you can like see his personality," said Jordan Canada.

"Just like try and find my own sound to make a good beat," added Jones.

If you get a chance to meet Jones you will notice that he has an ear for music. Whether you see him playing the piano, or mixing up beats, you will realize that it is something he enjoys and respects.

"I knew that he had a setup that he was doing and I wasn't really sure what he was doing with it but you could hear the music he is playing. He is a little bit more cultural about his music. He has a really wide variety of music he likes listening to. You can tell he just has a really good ear for it. He's just a guy that you kind of just realize it right away," explained Ellis Henderson.

Music has always been a part of his life. From his childhood throughout high school he started playing the piano and took part in his school's band.

"When I have free time I like to play video games or watch TV. When he wants to take his mind off of things he goes and makes beats and that is pretty cool. I mean anytime he really has free time he'll have sports center on but he's not really watching it, he is just in there with his headphones on and you can tell he enjoys doing it," added Henderson.

"Finding different people like you hear different sound and the way other people express themselves through music and I think that's pretty cool," said Jones.

Jones is getting his degree in communications, but after school he hopes to take his passion even further and possibly become a sound engineer.

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