Griz linebackers ready to prove they belong

Griz linebackers ready to prove they belong

MISSOULA, Mont. - The Griz defense will have a brand new look with its linebacking corps after losing several key players including Brock Coyle and Jordan Tripp.

But this year's group of linebackers have been working hard to fill those shoes and they say they're ready to prove they won't miss a beat.

"We like each other just like a brotherhood," said Griz junior linebacker Jeremiah Kose. "Of course we're going to have to work on little things here, definitely we all make mistakes so you know we're going to clean those up and hopefully just try to stay healthy."

"Losing a lot of the guys like we did, we've definitely grown a lot," said Griz junior linebacker Kendrick Van Ackeren. "I think we're in a great place, we didn't play a lot last year because of the people we had in front of us who are doing great at the next level, but you know I think we really proved over the spring and over the fall we're just ready to ball."

Along with many new faces starting at linebacker this group also brings a new style of play to the defense.

"We run really well at our position," said Griz defensive coordinator Ty Gregorak. "I think these guys are going out and playing real fast and that's what I expect out of them."

"I think they'll be surprised how fast we cover down (field), you know I think we just have a lot to prove," said Kose.

"We fly around, I mean the thing about our new group is we're really smart and we all play really hard," said Van Ackeren. "I think people will be surprised at how fast we fly, how often all of us are at the same place.  We're all in the same place just going after it."

Griz defensive coordinator Ty Gregorak says he's excited to see this year's linebackers get out and play, and that starts with Wyoming week one.

"They know the defense, it's the third year of basically the same defense," said Gregorak. "The first game I just hope we go out and play extremely well, get the rock back for the offense, give them a lot of opportunities to put points on the board and come out of the game healthy. I think that if we go coach well and play well it should be one heck of a game."

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