Grant Creek resident alleges driving incident with Kaarma


MISSOULA, Mont. - An allegation has surfaced from a resident of Missoula's Grant Creek neighbhorhood, who spoke to us anonymously, through a different Grant Creek resident. The resident says the incident happened hours before Kaarma allegedly shot foreign exchange student Diren Dede after Dede allegedly entered Kaarma's garage.

The resident alleges she was driving in the Grant Creek neighborhood, when she encountered a truck driving roughly ten miles an hour in a 25 mile per hour zone. The resident says the man slowed down even more, and that when she tried to pass the vehicle, the truck swerved, and forced her vehicle along a curb. The resident alleges the man exited the truck, and she says she would later realize the man to be Kaarma.

The woman says Kaarma seemed manic, and yelled profanities, and she was frightened that he might punch at her through her car window. The woman says she told Kaarma she was going to tell the police, and that Kaarma drove in front of her and proceeded up a hill slowly. We called Kaarma's attorney Paul Ryan on Saturday and asked about the allegation.

Ryan told us the following:

"We haven't had the opportunity to review this report and properly investigate the allegations. I am not aware of the timing of when this was reported to police or law enforcement. My understanding is that this was not reported prior to the night of the shooting. At the appropriate time we will have further comment about this alleged driving incident."

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