Graham's defense, Johnson's family react to sentencing


Graham's defense, Johnson's family react to sentencing

MISSOULA, Mont. - Jordan Graham's defense came out of the courthouse to a waiting crowd of media after Thursday's sentencing, where Graham received a sentence of more than 30 years in federal prison. 

Attorney Michael Donahoe said the rules won't let him offer his own opinion, but asked if he's relieved that his client didn't get life, he said this: "I don't know that I would characterize that as relief," said Donahoe. "The sentence is the sentence. It was certainly on the table. If you're asking me for more perspective whether that's better than not, I would suppose that it's better. In terms of any appeal, that would have to be discussed at a later time. We have no understanding of Ms. Graham's desire to appeal or whether she will appeal."

Later, the four family members of Cody Johnson who testified emerged.

Cody's mom, Sherry Johnson, was ready to speak to reporters for the first time. Here's what she said when asked if she can start to put part of this behind her: "Yes I can. Yes I do feel that I can move forward from this, yes."

Asked if it helped for her to get up and tell the court how she felt -- broken-hearted, dealing with sleepless nights -- Johnson said:  "It helped to get a lot of that emotion out there and that helps to heal too."

Cody's aunt Celeste Watson says she was caught off-guard when Jordan addressed Cody's family.

"It actually made us very angry, because we were pretty much told we could not address her in the court, that we needed to address Judge Molloy. And so when that happened it was kind of a shock," said Watson.

Watson said the family had been hoping for a longer sentence.

"Apparently we're not real happy with the sentence term. I mean, it is what it is. We wished it was going to be longer. We were hoping for 50 to life, but we're happy that she will be behind bars," said Watson.

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