Governors' conference takes on economy, healthcare, education


MISSOULA, Mont. - The governors are meeting in Nashville, TN.  Vice President, Joe Biden spoke about state and federal partnerships.

Governors are talking about small and medium-sized businesses.  Bullock told us a strong bond rating, improving employment rate and much less red tape than other states puts Montana in a good position.  Bullock also says Montana already is focusing on aligning workforce training with skills employers are looking for, " make sure that the skills that they are gaining are relevant and actually help people to get good paying jobs.  So, that piece of it, I am not sure I have heard anything new and revolutionary.  It just reaffirms what we are doing both with the main street plan, and aligning our university system with what the workforce needs."

Over the weekend, the governors will turn their focus to healthcare, education, veterans' issues and our nation's electric grid.

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