Gov.-elect Bullock anxious to take office Monday


Gov.-elect Bullock anxious to take office Monday 01-06-13

HELENA, Mont. - Governor-elect Steve Bullock has been busy preparing for the legislative session to start, and to officially take office as governor.

It's a job he's been familiar with for longer than some might think.

"The governor's mansion was on my paper route growing up," Bullock said.

And now it's a reality as he prepares to live in the mansion and lead the state.

"To think that we're now assuming the leadership, it's pretty significant."

Two months to the day since voters named Bullock Montana's next governor he'll be sworn in to office. And those two months have been anything but slow.

"I would be lying if I said it hasn't been a busy time or a stressful time," he said. "But I think we've put together a great team. We have people from public sector and private sector. From a lot of different corners of the state that are really excited about where we can take Montana."

Naming his key team members is only a small part of what Bullock's been working on. He put together a state budget proposal one with focus on the economy and education. That outline is one he hopes the legislature can get behind.

"From the budgetary side, we'll propose from the start of areas where I think that they can keep it more or less in balance and those principles in mind."

But there's no denying he's following in the footsteps of a tough showman. Outgoing Governor Brian Schweitzer had a veto brand last session. While Bullock won't be heating up the iron, he's confident in his own management style.

"You can expect probably the same veto but it won't be with branding iron," Bullock said. "More than likely with a big pen."

Regardless of his choice he's anxious to lead the state of Montana.

"My first priority on Monday is actually to raise my right hand, and work with people. It's an exciting time."

After all it's a job he's been after for years.

Bullock and other state leaders will be sworn into office at 10:00 a.m. Monday, on the stairs of the capitol building in Helena. NBC Montana will be there and have coverage throughout the day.

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