Good Samaritans help Missoulians stuck in snow


Good Samaritans help Missoulians stuck in snow

MISSOULA, Mont. - Anyone who braved the Missoula roads Friday likely saw cars stuck on side streets.

But for every car that got stuck, there was at least one neighbor to help push it out.

University of Montana students didn't have class Friday, but Ryne Baerlocher and his friends didn't stay inside.

"We're all in this together, this horrible, horrible snow storm you know," Baerlocher said.

He's right. On nearly every side street in Missoula there was work to do; from plowing and shoveling the sidewalks and alley ways, to pushing cars out of the deep snow.

Lela Bayless helped with push a stranger's car out of the road, but she also needed help.

"I've got high centered today, already. Twice," Bayless said Friday morning.

None of these Good Samaritans thought twice about helping out though. In fact they said it's expected in Missoula.

"It's where you're from you know," said Baerlocher. "Montanans gotta' help each other out."

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