Girls high school lacrosse hits Missoula

Girls high school lacrosse hits Missoula

MISSOULA, Mont. - An unfamiliar sight hit the Hellgate fields in the Lower Rattlesnake Sunday afternoon.

Hellgate high girl's lacrosse player Julia Ledford explained how she heard about the new Missoula girl's teams.

"Me and a couple friends heard about it and we thought it would be fun to try something new," said Ledford.

There are currently two new teams taking over Missoula.  The Hellgate team and the co-op squad consisting of Big Sky, Arlee, Frenchtown, and Sentinel are breaking ground for the new sport in Missoula.

"You know the boys have been playing for a couple years now, it's great to have a girl's kind of counterpart to that," said Hellgate head coach Courtney Bird.  "The girls are super excited about it, I think it's just fun to be starting something new.

With only five teams in the state of Montana, high school girl's lacrosse is trying to spread the word as they host their first set of regulation games in Missoula.

"Well I feel like we have come a really long way, like our first practice none of us knew what to do, and now I feel like we all work well together on the field," added Ledford.

"It's really fun to get to watch all the girls improve individually and then as a whole team," said first year lacrosse player Cassidy Thompson.

Sunday was an exciting day for the new teams, they experienced their first in-game action and have learned what they need to improve on.

"It's actually really nice to play other states and see where they're at with their programs," said Big Sky head coach Erika Burke.

"We're playing teams from Washington, we're playing teams this year from Wyoming, so it's exciting just to bring people together," explained Bird.

Even though it's difficult to make up a full roster, the Missoula programs are eager to face stiff competition and watch the teams grow.

"I went into it with the expectation and the hope that they would just love lacrosse, and they would come back, play next year and spread the word, make it into a big thing," added Bird.

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