Getaway driver sentenced to 20 years for East Missoula shooting


MISSOULA, Mont. - A judge sentenced a Missoula man to 20 years in prison for driving the getaway car when a store clerk was shot and almost killed 

We've been following this case since last September when Preston Hanna drove a friend to Oles in East Missoula to steal beer. 

His friend Christopher Burch is accused of going in to the store, shooting employee Adam Gallegos and running out to the car. Hanna drove away leaving Gallegos for dead.

In Missoula County District Court Wednesday, the judge told Hanna he's a threat to the community.

"You pose a very dangerous risk to any community where you reside," said McLean. "Your remorse lasts for about as long as the time it takes you to appear before the court, therefore you're sentenced to 30-years in the Montana State Prison, the last ten years of that sentence is suspended."

Burch also appeared in court Wednesday. His attorney told McLean they plan to head to trial for the case. That trial is scheduled for later this fall.

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