FWP says wolves kill hound dogs in Ninemile


MISSOULA, Mont. - The hunting dogs died in the Ninemile drainage west of Missoula.

Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks confirmed they were killed by wolves.

The pictures of the dead dogs were posted on Facebook.

The dogs were owned by Drew Zeiler of the Bitterroot, and Casey Richardson of the Ninemile area.

Richardson wasn't on the mountain lion hunt Sunday,  but 20-year-old Zeiler, his younger brother and Richardson's two teenage daughters were.

The Missoula man said the dogs had run about a half mile ahead, tracking a lion.

When the dogs went silent, the young trackers thought the dogs may have treed a lion.

But what they found instead were that Tequila, Duke and Bubba had been killed.

Another tracking dog apparently lost the scent and survived.

Richardson says that dog was found hiding.

"When I lay down to bed last night," said Ricahrdson, " I pictured my daughters, Drew and Trevor walking out of the woods and carrying their lifeless dogs that they had trained, and I thought it could have been so much worse."

Richardson said he thinks about the young peoples safety.

Richardson has lost dogs to wolves before.

Fish Wildlife and Parks spokeswoman Vivaca Crowser said the trackers and the dogs were experienced trackers.

The trackers were very familiar with the area, but said they had seen no evidence of  wolves.

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