FWP officials report spike in Alberton bear activity


FWP officials report spike in Alberton bear activity 06-14-13

MISSOULA, Mont. - Montana Fish, Wildlife, Parks officials say they've seen an unusually high amount of bear activity near Alberton, northwest of Missoula.

Resident Joel Fosberg's dog, Humphrey Bogart, has the scars to prove it.

Fosberg says Humphrey was attacked by a bear in Alberton about a month ago, and barely escaped with his life.

Another resident, Pam Reed, snapped pictures of a bear that hangs around her property.

She says, even though they've removed all attractants, the bear still hangs around her deck, and it wasn't even spooked by a shotgun blast.

Wildlife Manager Jamie Jonkel says there are too many people around Alberton who aren't removing attractants.

"Just about every bear in that whole area is tuned up and knows what the goodies are," said Jonkel. "So if you have goodies, and you don't want bears, get rid of them, and you won't have a bear problem."

Jonkel says they've had at least 20 reported bear incidents this year so far, and last year, the area totaled more than 100 reports of bear activity.

For more resources on bear activity, and how human/bear interactions can be prevented, click here.

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