Fuselage removal from Clark Fork River pushed back to Tuesday.


MISSOULA, Mont. - Cleanup crews were back at the scene of a train derailment early Sunday morning attempting to remove three Boeing Airplane fuselages from the Clark Fork River, but Lynda Frost says they don't expect the fuselages to be pulled out now until Tuesday.

The train derailment happened between Saint John's and Tarkio fishing access sites, which is roughly 45-miles west of Missoula.

FWP officials say they are allowing river access in the area during the work with priority being placed on floater safety. Frost explained that one of the biggest problems is with people trying to see the wreckage site.

The wreckage from Thursday's derailment is massive. Boeing officials tell us the fuselages were for a Boeing 737, 777 and the company's largest commercial jet, the 747.

The 19 railcars involved have already been removed. The tracks are cleared and we're told rail traffic was restored around six last night, but it'll take at least a week until everything's back to normal.

"The cause is still under investigation. I know that we're working hard on this, but there's a lot of variables and a lot of work that goes into making this determination," explained Lynda Frost, Montana Rail Link spokesperson.

Frost says Boeing officials don't yet know what they'll do with the damaged fuselages. They're still determining the cost of the damage.

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