Fuel Montana Media debuts state's first pump-top TV screens


MISSOULA, Mont. - You can catch NBC Montana news and weather updates at several Missoula gas station pumps.

Fuel Montana Media debuted the state's first pump-top screens at Muralt's Travel Plaza.

The high-definition network features local ads.

So far, only a few Missoula gas stations have TV screens. But more are expected in Montana's major cities in the coming year.

"We believe we've got a captive audience here that's on-the-go," said Fuel Montana's Garin Gustafson, "that has that 4 to 6 minutes to get their news and some promotions from business."

"We reach people where they work," said United Way of Missoula County's Chief Executive Officer Susan Hay Patrick. "Now we can reach them where they shop."

Fuel Montana reports customers at the gas pump are in a shopping mode on days they gas up. It said they spend 35 percent more of their income on those days.

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