Friends remember love, positive attitude of avalanche victim


MISSOULA, Mont. - We learned more about the Missoula man killed in an avalanche this week near Altoona Lakes, which is north of Philipsburg.

We talked with several of Peter Maxwell's friends. They told us he was loving and well respected and a powder hound. He even owned his own business, Garden City Recycling.

Maxwell was with six friends on a ski trip when he was caught in the avalanche and friends say he died doing what he loved.

One friend, Phil Gardner, remembers how he coached for the Missoula ski team at the Snowbowl Ski Area.

"Peter was one of the most wonderful people in terms of his personality and in his ability to work with kids, he really understood the impact that someone could have with kids and he was just so full of life and he's just someone everybody loved," said Gardner.

Maxwell is loved by many at different ski resorts and within the community.

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