Friends of Mountain Line statement on passage of the Mountain Line Mill Levy


MISSOULA, Mont. - The following was sent out by the Friends of Mountain Line.

Friends of Mountain Line would like to thank the Missoula community, our campaign partners, volunteers, and the dozens of community leaders and organizations who supported this effort.  We are proud of the way our community has pulled together for Missoula's future and that so many different organizations have worked together for passage of this mill levy.

With passage of this mill levy, Mountain Line will be able to offer Missoulians late evening bus service for the first time, and increase bus frequency on popular routes. Mountain Line will also be able to enhance curbside service for our seniors and people with disabilities, helping them to remain independent and mobile.

These improvements in our community bus service will benefit all of Missoula. As the bus becomes a more convenient transportation option, more people will choose to ride the bus, leaving their cars at home.  Fewer single vehicle trips will result in less traffic and parking congestion, cleaner air, and a more livable and prosperous community overall.

In short, this new funding will allow Mountain Line to continue to play a vital role in our community and the future of Missoula.

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