Frenchtown superintendent suspends bomb scare suspect


The following is an e-mail Superintendent Randy Cline sent to Frenchtown School District employees this afternoon regarding the suspension of the suspect.


This morning another note was found in a different boy's restroom in the Junior High.  It had the exact wording and writing style as the previous note.   A student reported it to a staff member standing by the door when he came out. We immediately determined that there was a limited time frame the note could have been written this morning. There is a video camera in the hallway that clearly shows the door to the restroom. On the video, only one student had lengthy access to the restroom during that time period. There was also other compelling evidence linking the student to the note.

The student has confessed to school authorities to writing both notes. The student has been suspended from school and cited by the Missoula County Sheriff's office.

Thank you for your help and cooperation during the last few trying days.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions,

Randy H. Cline


Frenchtown School District

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